I use mobile broadband as a last resort to access the internet when travelling within Australia.   However, until now, I’ve used a netbook (running Windows 7) for this purpose.   Not only is the netbook lighter than the laptop I use for day-to-day computing, I couldn’t get my trusty Vodafone USB modem to work on the Windows 8 laptop.

So when I saw a new Vodafone USB modem on sale with some data thrown in for less than half the price of the data alone, I couldn’t resist.   Maybe a more up-to-date modem would work on my laptop, and I could take that away with me? Yes, I know Vodafone is regarded as not having the best coverage, but it’s always been adequate for me.

Well, I plugged the new modem in….and no autoplay installation.   Not only wasn’t the device visible in “My Computer”, but it wasn’t to be seen in “Disk Management”.   Much googling and several hours of trial & error later, the answer emerged:   I had to download an “App”.   I’m still getting used to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any way of accessing the software on the USB stick except via the app, but seems that’s the way it is.

That said, now that I’ve got it “sorted” and have set up an appropriate shortcut, it seems quite easy to use, although this apps annoys me a little the way it takes over the entire screen.  And if only my googling had told me an app was needed, then a couple of hours of my life would have been better spent!   As for the hard copy instructions, frankly, they’re just deficient: they said that the app would be automatically downloaded when I clicked on “connect”.

IMG_9291This didn’t occur, although I do admit that there’s a possibility (but no more than that) that I adjusted one setting too many in my efforts to get the thing working before I got to this point.

Computers…..great when they work, frustrating when they don’t…and they can be very time-consuming!


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