Security on the intenet

A family member tried to log in to Facebook while travelling, but there was an issue because it was from a different computer the one normally used – and she confused the password!   Hence, she couldn’t log on without “proving” who she was.   The “proof” had to be something along the lines of a scan of a drivers licence or passport!

Needless to say, there was no way we were going to send this sort of material to Facebook.   However, the issue really only arose in the absence of the correct password.airbnbx

Yet I see that this isn’t uncommon.  I haven’t used AirBnB so perhaps I’m not the best person to comment about it.  However, this article (and the comments) suggest that intrusive identification requirements can be required on occasion by AirBnB, too.   I can see that sites such as this need to be careful about identification, but some of their requirements seem to be an invitation for identify theft to me.

More specifically about AirBnB, there are some good points made here (see post 8 – a little old but probably still relevant).


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