“Service” at the supermarket

At this time of year, our letterbox is fuller than normal with “junk mail”.   And this year, it looks as though it’s going to be padded out even more with supermarket “catalogues”, as the majors try to convince us that their prices are “competitive”.

I’m not the primary purchaser of supermarket items in our house, so perhaps I’m not the best person to comment about the effectiveness of all this junk mail.    However, I do occasionally glance through the pile of stuff that I clear  from the letterbox, and there was an item in one of the catalogues that caught my eye.    So I headed up to the local Coles to seek out the item.   But there was no sign of it, and on enquiring at the desk I was told, “sorry, but we didn’t get any of that”.   Just like that; no explanation, no offer to follow up to see if stock would be arriving or perhaps to order the item in from another store.  There was a suggestion that I could try other stores in the area.   I wasn’t impressed and I admit that I let my feelings show a little.

IMG_9164aThe impasse was finally resolved when a phone call was made to another store, where the item was in fact in stock, but it was left to me to go and collect it.   While I was prepared to go to the trouble of driving to another suburb, I was distinctly unimpressed by the reluctance of the (admittedly busy) Coles staff member to acknowledge that an issue existed, much less to do anything about it.


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