The RACV magazine and Belgrade

RACV’s magazine arrives in our mailbox every month.  Sometimes it just gets discarded, unopened.  After all, we’ve seen all the advertisements for up-market outback tours and European river cruses  – and the supporting “editorial” comment – before.   OK, so I’m being a bit unfair, because, yes, there is usually an interesting article or two on places in Victoria and the like.  And I do glance over the reports on cars, just in case there’s something that has some meaning for me.

But I was also interested in the article on Belgrade in the most recent issue.   Sure it appeared to be written by a freelancer, and most if not all of the photos were “stock” photos (including the one of Novi Sad, which is a completely different city!).  It painted a depressing economic perspective, which I considered just a little gloomy, but otherwise made some interesting points.  Belgrade has much to offer, but it’s a little “out-of-the-way” for many tourists.



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