I attended a funeral for an acquaintance with whom I had quite of lot of contact over a number of years (although not in the immediate past).    It was conducted by a celebrant at the funeral director’s facility.   The celebrant did a good job, along the “celebration of life/keep the memories” theme.  Although I suspect that the core of his …errr…presentation (?) was based on a template text, he managed, for the most part,  to personalise it well.   I only cringed a couple of times at his “ad libs” (but, in discussing things with others, it seems I may have been super-sensitive)!  But some of the anecdotes and personal memories by family members brought ears to the eyes of some.

Funerals are always interesting.  You always gain an awareness of other sides of the person’s life.  In this case, the acquaintance had reached the age of 87 years, and so there was some insight into his early years during the depression and World War 2, as well as into his life after that.   The hearse left very quickly after the event (for the cremation), but the family all stayed behind and joined with everyone in the sandwiches/cake/coffee provided.  The flowers stayed behind too, and attendees were invited to take a flower or two home with them.

The hearse leaves…..
…we look after it.



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