For some reason, I get extremely nervous when my “relationship” with “the government” (federal)  is handled through the single “myGov” portal!   I was required to sign up for this last year to get pre-fill information from the ATO for my tax return.  It being the new financial year, I thought I ought to revisit the site to see if there was anything tax-related that I could have a look at.

The short answer to that particular question when I looked at it this week is, nothing new (at least, so far as I could tell).  Oh well.

But more generally, the “myGov” website is supposed to be a single portal to handle access to Centrelink, Medibank, ATO, DVA, the disability scheme, aged care issues, “eHealth”, child support and a couple of other things as well.  It’s very depressing just how many points of contact with the government we might have, although I’m glad to say  my contact is confined to only a couple of these areas.

Screenshot (135)But the portal doesn’t inspire confidence.   For a start, when I used Google to search for the correct site, it was just above a similarly named site in India!   The Indian site  seems to be sponsored by the Indian government as a “citizen engagement platform”, so perhaps it’s legitimate and not the first step in a scam to confuse Australians?

Screenshot (140)But at least the link to the Indian site worked.   On the other hand, my attempts to click through to the Australian site just resulted in error messages.

Later in the day, I tried again.  This time, the portal did work, but as soon as I attempted to access anything meaningful, it was just so slow and clunky that I gave up.   Hopefully it was just a bad day at the office for the government’s IT people, but it hardly inspires confidence, does it?

Screenshot (137)


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