Gun Control

It’s been a while since I’ve read anything by Australian crime writer Peter Corris, but the “recent acquisitions” table at the library had his latest Cliff Hardy book there for the taking, namely Gun Control.   Corris is referred to in the blurb as the ‘godfather of Australian crime writing’ (Peter Temple and others write in a similar way, so if Corris was the first….?)    This book is stated to be his 40th Cliff Hardy novel. Well, I’ve read a small number of Cliff Hardy novels, but obviously I’ve still got a long way to go.

Perhaps after 40 novels, Corris has to struggle a little for a plot.  The one in this book here involves a dubious client, an “interesting” lawyer, a mixture of honest and corrupt police and a love-hate relationship with a bikie gang.   Quite bizarre in parts, but appealingly not over-the-top in the sex and violence categories.  There has to be some, of course, as it seems that Australian crime must have a dose of both.  Perhaps this applies across the board to modern crime,  given that we’re not talking about “Golden Age” here.   Just the same, it’s a bit annoying when at least one of the violent scenes in this particular novel appears to be entirely gratuitous with the relevance never properly explained!   Surely it isn’t there just to fulfill the quota for violence?

IMG_5562All in all, quite readable, but I don’t feel a great urge to seek out the remaining 30-something Cliff Hardy books that I haven’t yet read.  Perhaps if I come across any of them in a quiet moment, I’ll pick it up, but otherwise……


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