Point Ormond/Elwood

After our visit to Rippon Lea, we headed down to Point Ormond in search of a coffee.  It was a sunny, still autumn afternoon, perfect for sitting out in the open at the Point Ormond cafe, right on the foreshore.   Even in the afternoon, the were a few bike riders about;  obviously it’s a good place for a break on the Bay Trail.  However, perhaps not the place to come to if it’s windy and cold.

After our caffeine boost, we walked along the footpath (separate from the bike track) to Elwood Beach.  Lots of grass and a wide sandy beach!

The realisation dawned when we returned to the car that we were supposed to have bought a parking ticket and, this being the City of Port Phillip, these aren’t cheap!  However, on this occasion, we got away with it.  I suppose it would be petty of me to reflect on the high cost of short-term parking ($4.80 an hour, although there’s a daily cap of $11) in a spacious but almost deserted car park on an autumn afternoon?  Be that as it may, we’ll be more careful next time!

IMG_5195a Elwood Beach IMG_5199a Point Ormond


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