Getting the car serviced (2)

Notwithstanding the “extension” of the service interval for the car, I thought I’d “transition” into the new arrangements (an interval of 9 months having elapsed since the last service).

So it was back to the dealer.  The dealer was inconveniently located previously, but that site is apparently being rebuilt, so the service centre is temporarily out in the backblocks of Moorabbin.  It’s still quite a distance to drive to, but at least there’s a Bunnings within walking distance!

IMG_5062aI’d booked a “while-you-wait” service, and arrived a little before the appointed time.  I then spent some time in the Bunnings, arriving back a couple of minutes before the designated pick-up time.  I was greeted in a friendly way;  yes, the car was good to go.   I was quite impressed, although in passing the representative suggested that it would be good if I could give a rating of 9 or 10 when the follow up survey arrives.   Hmmm, do I detect that customer “satisfaction” is a component in the remuneration package?   I’m not sure that I really like the idea, but certainly if that’s what’s going on, it appears to have had a positive impact on the customer experience!

I then mentioned the changed service interval.    Oh no, I was told, that only affects the new model.   Well, that’s not what I read on the website, nor on the reminder letter from the dealer.   Methinks there’s something “fast and loose” here!

An un-glamorous location!



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