Those love locks

Well, I see that those “love locks” on the footbridge across to Southbank have been removed.  I can’t say that I’ll be losing any sleep over this.   However, what is to become of them?  I heard the Lord Mayor say on the radio that the locks that have been removed are being stored, pending a decision about their future.   Ponyfish are said to have offered to take them, but evidently it hasn’t been decided yet whether this will occur.

But…if the locks are not to be melted down for scrap (or some such), does  this create a precedent?  Will locks fastened to the bridge from now also be compassionately treated?  Or in the future, will locks be removed as soon as they appear, to disappear without trace?   The latter would seem to be the only effective way of deterring their re-appearance.

IMG_4959a IMG_4961a


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