Famous Railway Stations

I’m a bit of a sucker when I see second-hand book shops, as I did at Queenscliff.   The one there wasn’t very tidy, and had lots of books tightly stacked on the shelves.

IMG_4744a BookshopOf particular interest, there were a number of railway books, and I bought a couple, including Famous Railway Stations of the World (published in 1958).







In short, this a descriptive book rather than a reference work, and it’s written very much from a British circa 1958 perspective!   But for all that, it’s an interesting read, even though there are numerous generalisations, and I detected at least one inaccuracy (Adelaide has never been on the River Murray, not even back in 1958!   See page 142).

I particularly liked the photo of Flinders Street station, which clearly showed a tramway curve linking the north-bound  track across Princes Bridge to the west-bound track in Flinders Street.  I  had not previously been aware that such a curve had ever existed.




2 thoughts on “Famous Railway Stations

  1. Since you are not a TV watcher you have probably missed the apparently endless series of train travel docos being aired by SBS hosted by ex Minister Portillo with the help of Bradshaw’s 1913 edition. They are wonderful. There are two themes in series: British journeys, and Continental journeys. There are 3 on SBS on Demand at time of writing and DVDs are available at Fishpond: http://bit.ly/1HvEH15


    1. PS on the Fishpond link quoted there is a you tube clip of an award being given to the camera man which includes a few seconds of the control room in Zurich. Worth a look in its own right.


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