Down Street

I was intrigued by the media report that a disused tube station (“Down Street”) in London was up for lease.

Screenshot (125)
Google Street view of station entrance as it now is

So, I did a bit of googling and of course it came up on Wikipedia.

It seems that it was between Hyde Park Corner and Green Park on the Piccadilly line.  The entrance was around the corner from Piccadilly, in Down Street.

It does indeed seem strange that this station was ever built because it is so close to the stations on either side.   However, I couldn’t help thinking that it would have been convenient for the members of today’s Calvary and Guards Club, especially because the day I had lunch there, it was raining so the walk down from Green Park was a bit damp…..!  But perhaps the members motor in to town and park nearby where they get discounted parking rates?

IMG_0896a Cal Guards Club
Calvary & Guards Club. Down Street is just to the right.

There are apparently a number of disused stations around London.   I see that the disused Charing Cross station (formerly the terminus of the Jubilee line, before it was extended) is to be used as a cinema.


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