I knew the time was coming when the oldest of our eTags would reach the end of its life.    This occurs when the internal battery expires, and you can tell that this has happened because the tag ceases to “beep”.   So when this occurred, I called CityLink and dealt with an offshore call centre who – after being persuaded that, yes, the eTag was properly installed – said a new eTag would be sent out (no doubt it’s “in the mail”, but it hasn’t yet arrived).

In the meantime, we had to travel on EastLink, so I used our other eTag…..but it seems that I didn’t fit it properly (I confess that I may have had it back-to-front).  So, it didn’t beep.   I know that any toll operator will automatically charge your toll to your account even if an eTag isn’t detected, so long as your car is registered on your account.   But does the same apply when you’re travelling on EastLink on a CityLink account?   Careful checking on the relevant sites didn’t answer the question, so I tried to ring EastLink the same evening.   No, you can only speak to a real person during specified hours, so I went to bed rather frustrated.

Next morning, I was on the phone to them again.   All was forgiven.  Not only did I get throIMG_3787augh to a real person after only a minimum of menu selections, but she jokingly referred to being in the eastern suburbs (which sounded authentic to me) — and she identified the trip we’d undertaken and confirmed that, yes, it would be charged to our CityLink account (although there would be a modest “image processing fee”).



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