Newspaper Deadlines

I remember the days when the “Last Race – Final Football” edition of the Herald arrived at the suburban newsagent on Saturday evenings at about 6.30 pm with the final football results from that afternoon’s games.  And sometimes a “4 am edition” of the Age would be on the breakfast table if something newsworthy had happened overnight.
This week, the plane involved in the unfortunate crash in the French Alps lost contact with the ground before 8.53 pm (Tuesday evening, local time here). I heard about it on the radio while driving a little after 10 pm.  And the Herald-Sun had it all over the front page on Wednesday morning.

IMG_3442a deadlineHowever, in this digital era, it seems that the Age at least has given up trying to compete with the electronic media. It didn’t mention the crash at all (nor did the Australian).

Did I read somewhere that the deadline for the Age is now 5.30 pm?


One thought on “Newspaper Deadlines

  1. My e-print facsimile copy of the Australian, which I read at about 7am on Wednesday, carried the story on page 1 with a Lufthansa quote of ” no knowledge yet” and a route map showing crash point, over 7 columns each of about 30mm length. So it must depend where the source is printed- The e-print edition is received on the app at soon after about 5.30am each day.


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