Grand Prix

I’m afraid that I just don’t “get” the Grand Prix. I watched a little of it on the TV, but because the cars are spread out around the track, it’s hard to get a sense of who’s in the lead and who is challenging.IMG_3279a
I did hear the fighter plane in the sky not far from our house, and the whine of the cars in the distance. This year there were some cars that didn’t even start and then two cars got into trouble very early in the race.  I found the commentary about these events less than clear.   Is this just the nature of car racing?     Perhaps this race was less interesting than others?  Or was the commentary just boring, with lots of chatter?  For example, it hardly seemed to mention that the local boy was lapped by the winner in the final stages.

IMG_3281A factor in all this is probably that my heart isn’t really in car racing. It seems to be largely concerned with technical and engineering issues, yet apart from obvious images such as the changing of tyres and a few comments about how driving techniques affect fuel consumption, we’re not given an insight into what’s going on at this level.IMG_3296a

The upshot seems to be a lot of resources devoted to nothing in particular – including the waste of champagne on the podium.


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