There are lots of pizza/pasta restaurants around, and generally you can’t go wrong at most of them.  Of course, it’s not “fine dining”, and things can be noisy, but usually it’s straight-forward and cheerful.  .   We went to Versachi’s in Toorak Road (not far from the South Yarra station) with M and D.   The pizzas were excellent, and my veal schnitzel was certainly acceptable.   The extensive range of pizzas includes both the “traditional” types as well as a range of “gourmet” varieties (how about a “Lamborhini” pizza?)

However, our timing was a bit out, because we were there at peak time early on a Saturday evening.  The seating area is quite limited  and things were a bit cramped.   However, the service was pleasant enough and when a larger table became available, we were moved.

IMG_3167aClearly their pizzas have a good reputation, as the kitchen was obviously busy making pizzas for delivery.



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