Love locks

I’ve previously commented about the strange practice of affixing “love locks” to bridges (for example, in Paris).  However, it didn’t occur to me when we were in Canberra recently to view the locks on the National Carillon bridge in Canberra (mainly because I didn’t know that they were there). Anyway, this recent report from the ABC says that they are soon to be removed.


In Melbourne, we see them on the footbridge across to Southbank (at right).

Of particular interest is that in the article from the ABC it’s said the idea originated in Serbia!     Well, isn’t that interesting.  I wonder if it’s true?   And, if so, whereabouts in Serbia?    If at Vrnjačka Banja at the Most Ljubavi (Bridge of Love), then could it be that we have in fact visited the bridge where they first originated?


Another story is that the custom is inspired by book novelist Federico Moccia in which a couple place a bicycle lock around a lamppost and throw the key into the Tiber River.

Bridge at Vrnjačka Banja

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