Impressions of Paris

With the Charlie Hebdo magazine being so much in the news recently, the National Gallery’s current “Impressions of Paris” exhibition is remarkably timely. Of course, it wasn’t planned this way, and in fact the exhibition makes no mention of events that have occurred (I think since it opened), but it serves to remind us that French satirical drawing has a long history.

Impressions of Paris is a display of the Gallery’s own material of the works of Daumier, Degas and Toulese-Lautrec. The Toulese-Lautrec posters were also displayed in the Gallery’s exhibition of his work a couple of years back, but the emphasis of the current exhibition is the art of caricature as expounded by these three artists in Paris over the course of the 19th century.

IMG_2167a Exhibition

IMG_2166a Daumier IMG_2172a Toulese-LautrecFootnote:   the National Gallery has recently changed its rules to allow non-flash photography.


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