The Wattle Tree Hotel

I found a book called “Old Melbourne Hotels Sketchbook” at a 2nd hand book shop.  It was published in 1973, and gives the history of a number of the old hotels around the city (along with sketches).

IMG_1704a Melb pubs sketchesI was particularly interested in the entry for the Wattle Tree Hotel.

I’d never heard of this, but it seems there was a hotel in Wattletree Rd, right opposite where Cabrini is today.   When the hotel was established in 1855, it faced what was then called “Main Dandenong Road”.

One of the licensees was John Howard, who had a hand in establishing the Caulfield racecourse.   Many racehorses were stabled at the inn.  Hunt clubs also operated from it.   However, it ceased to hold a licence in around 1868.

In 1873, the 10 acres it stood on were sub-divided.  The property has apparently had a variety of uses since then, including possibly as a school, but for most of the time, it has been a private home, which it still is today.

I went past it, and saw that there’s a sign on the fence giving a short history of the property (which I had never previously noticed).   It seems that the original structure is largely intact, at least externally, although it’s hidden behind a number of trees and shrubs.

Now a private home hidden behind the garden

 IMG_1762aSign on fence with history


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