Holiday reading – The Yellow Dog

I enjoy Georges Simenon’s Chief Inspector Maigret series, and have been looking forward to Penguin’s re-issue of these books (as mentioned here). They seem to have taken a while to reach IMG_0840these shores, but The Yellow Dog has now arrived at the local library.  I recently read this, and also Maigret and the Hotel Majestic (also from the local library, although not a fresh translation).

Inspector Maigret has “style”, although it’s not always entirely clear where he gets his information from.   The stories often twist and turn, and the way that Maigret gets there is usually delightful.  He pauses to smoke his pipe, or (and?) to have a beer (once he even forgot to pay!)….it’s all very human!   On top of this, the settings are Paris and France in the 20s and 30s – highly engrossing.

On the other hand, I recently tried to read Simenon’s Three Crimes, but I struggled with this.


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