Small step in the right direction…..

I’ve previously blogged about the some of the less-than-satisfactory displays at Flinders Street, in particular those displays within the station that tell you which platform to go to for the next train to your destination.   Hence I was pleasantly surprised to discover that at least some of these displays have now been upgraded and actually tell you where to go to for your train (instead of telling you what’s happening at each platform – not necessarily the same thing).

IMG_1000However, the new displays are limited to informing passengers about the next 2 trains on each line.  There’s still nothing to tell you where to head to for the next train to any specific station (particularly Southern Cross, or the loop stations).  This exists at Richmond, but the French are way ahead of us in this regard, as are also the Brits.

The old type is on the right (still on platforms 4/5 – note Frankston, Pakenham and Upfield trains not from normal platforms!), and the new style is below.

More information than before…….
….but in London, the information is station-by-station

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