We don’t often fire up the barbeque, but it came in handy recently. It was a nice warm evening, and the BBQ hit the right note.

But barbeques always give rise to issues. The first is, is there going to be enough gas? Years ago, I had a spare tank but that got left behind in Perth when we moved back to Melbourne. For some reason, it was OK to take gas tanks over to Perth when we were transferred across, but by the time we came back, the rules were different and although I can’t remember the details, the bottom line was the rules imposed by the removalists to transport a gas tank were just too stringent so we left both of ours in Perth.IMG_0504

So now I rely on weighing it: I know the approximate weight of the empty cylinder and so long as it weighs a bit more than that, I assume that it must have gas in it.

The next issue is cleaning the BBQ afterwards. I know that there are supposed to be various techniques for doing this, but the bottom line is, hard scrubbing is always involved!

But. the evening went well so I guess the pain of the clean-up was worth it!


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