The electricity account

Some representatives from electricity company A knocked on the door, but I told them we were with company O. They protested that they could give me a better deal, but I’m afraid I don’t respond well to people who arrive on the doorstep and want to sell me things.

But it did set my mind working! So I rang up company O who have supplied our power for years.   We had some sort of discount from them, but mere “loyalty” apparently doesn’t count.   You gotta ask.   Yes, they told me, because you asked, we’ll give you a further x% discount off our supply charges.

IMG_0186I took the offer.    I suspect it wasn’t quite as good as company A were offering (judging from their website), although it was a little hard to tell.   Was the small additional percentage discount more than offset by the marginally higher usage charges?   And I was left with a sense of annoyance that, if you don’t ask, you don’t get any deal. I made this point, but no offer of a retrospective adjustment was forthcoming.

I’m now trying to get motivated to decode offers on the government comparison website.  I had a quick review of what was available here in the course of preparing this post, and was left with the impression that the arrangements we now have are more or less “in the ball park”, at least when I look at the total annual amount we paid last year compared with the estimates provided by the calculator.   In fact, I’m not sure that the calculator fully factors in the “percentage off” offers that seem to be there if you ask.    All I can say with certainly at this stage is that it’s certainly quite complex.   However, I shall certainly have another look at the calculator in a few months time after we receive a couple of bills under the new arrangements.


One thought on “The electricity account

  1. Me too. I have electricity and gas accounts with same retailer and on inquiry “discounts” were increased from 7% to 25% (electricity) and 15% (gas). I have no idea how the starting number (presumably a wholesale RRP) is set in each case. Is it a real number but nobody pays it?


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